We offer  a Consignment Program for used trailers of all types. Our professional, experienced sales staff will assist customers with estimating a realistic retail value for their trailer. We will also design a sales strategy to market the trailer at the maximum price in a practical time frame, and clean and detail trailers as needed. Our commissions are very reasonable.

We do require  our Shop Inspection to determine “as is ” condition. Any maintenance or repair, identified, must be fixed in order to include a trailer in our Consignment Program. The only exception to this rule,  is  “handy man” trailers. These are defined as trailers needing work where the  cost to repair exceeds the value of the trailer.

Our Service Department is available to conduct Virginia State Inspections, our comprehensive Shop Inspection and/or make any repairs identified in our Shop Inspection.


Consignment Commission Schedule (Effective 12/01/2019)
We charge a flat 10% of the final selling price , as approved by the trailer owner. Our shop inspection fees are listed below. (Once the Shop Inspection is complete this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE) The cost of our inspection, identified repairs/maintenance  and commission are subtracted from the ultimate selling price when paying net sales income to the trailer owner.
Trailer Type Shop Inspection Fee ** Prior to Consignment
All consignment trailers require a Shop Inspection to determine “As Is” condition and if any repairs will be necessary.
Single Axle Utility Trailer $45 **
Tandem Axle Utility Trailer $95 **
Horse Trailers $110 **
Horse Trailers with Living Quarters $325 and up ** Will Only Consign if we sold it to you.