Get to Know the Virginia 4-H State Horse Show

virginia 4-h state horse showEver seen a young horse rider beaming with his or her first ever ribbon? Or excitedly talking shop with new friends at a competition?

There’s nothing like seeing the future generation of horse lovers learning and growing.virginia 4-h state horse show

And that’s exactly what the Virginia State 4-H Championship Horse and Pony show is all about. This event, which just celebrated its 56th year, provides an opportunity for Virginia’s young equestrians to meet, compete, develop horsemanship, and ultimately build confidence in themselves and the skills they’ve been practicing all year.

Blue Ridge Trailers is a proud sponsor of the Virginia 4-H Championship Horse Show. Our own sales rep Julie Williamson and her husband Bob—who have been involved with the event for more than 25 years—were even inducted into the Virginia 4-H Championship Horse Show Hall of Fame last weekend!

If you or a young person in your life are committed to equine sports, this is the horse show to know. Below, learn more about the Virginia 4-H state horse show and how you can get involved:

All About the 56th Virginia 4-H State Horse Show

How many people attended?

The Virginia 4-H state horse show drew more than 2,500 people to the Lexington area from Sept. 14 to 17. These included:

  • 130+ volunteers
  • 410 horse riders
  • 150 educational participants

What events did young competitors participate in?

Disciplines offered included dressage, western, hunters (over fences and pleasure), minis, gymkhana (speed events) and more. Graduating seniors also had an opportunity to strut their skills in a Senior Stampede.

There were also a number of educational competitions, including horse judging, hippology, a horse bowl quiz, art and more.

What are some unique events held during the show?

Young horse lovers got to learn in a fun environment during the two-day Cloverbud Camp.

There was also a Hidden Horseshoe Hunt—fun for both kids and adults!

How can newcomers get involved in the Virginia 4-H state horse show?

For details on the 4-H horse program, visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension online. You’ll find information on local and national events, equine sports resources, and more.

You’ll also find contact information for the program if you have specific questions about getting involved.


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