What Is Rumber Trailer Flooring? Expert Answers to the Top FAQs

When we think of huge technological advances, we don’t usually think of trailer flooring.

We think of smartphones, space shuttles, and the Internet, right?

But there have been some significant innovations in the world of horse trailer construction, too—and one of the biggest ones that you should know about is Rumber trailer flooring.

What Is Rumber Trailer Flooring?

Rumber floorboards first appeared in horse trailers in 1992. Made with 100% recycled tires, they were designed as a replacement for cumbersome aluminum and wood floors covered with rubber matting.

The 1 ½” x 7” tongue-and-groove boards are installed running front-to-back in a trailer. They’re supported underneath with floor supports, running side-to-side, approximately 10 to 15 inches apart.

All new Blue Ridge Trailers horse and livestock trailers come with Rumber flooring and a 20-year warranty on the flooring.

So Why Put Rumber Floors in Your Horse Trailer?

rumber trailer flooring It’s Healthier for Horses

The floorboard and support design that we just described actually has a big impact on your horse’s health. In between the floor support, Rumber boards will “flex,” thus reducing physiologic stress on horses’ joints and soft tissue.

Horses experience less muscle fatigue associated with transportation than in a trailer with an aluminum or a wood floor.

The Boards Protect Your Trailer’s Resale Value

The wall-to-wall Rumber flooring is impervious to UV rays, mud, and water—and it even repels fuels including diesel and gasoline.

That means you won’t have to worry about rotting or other damage that will hurt your trailer’s resale value. You’ll have good-as-new floors for years.

It’s also more cost-effective in general, since you won’t need to replace floor mats or the flooring itself.

Rumber Is Easy to Clean

No floor mats to move! Periodically, take the bedding off the floor and hose it down. Read on for more details about this.

How to Bed and Clean Rumber Trailer Flooring

Just bed the area where your horses stand like a stall, so that the sawdust or shavings will soak up any urine and will keep urine from splashing up on the horses’ legs.

When you arrive home, take the manure and any wet shavings out. Add more bedding if necessary.

About every 8 to 10 weeks, tilt the trailer jack so the rear of the trailer is lower than the front, clean all the bedding out and hit the floor with a hose (a power washer is even better). Your Rumber floor will keep its texture forever with this treatment.


“As both an experienced trailer dealer and a lifelong horse lover, I’ve seen the benefits of Rumber trailer flooring up close many times. Take advantage of this innovative product now, and your horses will thank you each and every time you hit the road.”

—Donna Martin, Owner/Manager

Contact Donna and the Blue Ridge Trailers team online or at (434) 985-4151 for more questions about Rumber trailer flooring or horse trailers in general.

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