Local Trailer Rental Options for Low-Stress Moving, Delivery, and More

local trailer rentalYou know what they say. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey…

But is that always true?

When you’re moving, delivering something, or doing basically anything else that requires a trailer rental, it usually is about the destination. You just want to finish up and unpack!

So let’s get you on and off the road quicker with a local trailer rental from Blue Ridge Trailers. Our trailer dealership is one of the only places in the Central Virginia area that offers this service. We’ll help you choose the right trailer rental from a range of options, so you can enjoy your journey and reach your destination safely.

Who Should Consider a Local Trailer Rental?

  • People moving within Virginia or nearby
  • Families moving kids into or out of college dorms
  • Farmers hauling equipment or other cargo to or from the farm
  • People picking up, delivering, or moving livestock and/or horses
  • Local businesses bringing equipment to job sites or events

What Are the Advantages of a Local Trailer Rental?

Trailer variety: A family-owned trailer dealer like Blue Ridge Trailers can offer a more personalized experience than the big-name moving truck/trailer companies. As you’ll see below, we offer a variety of trailers for rent that you can choose from.

That means you’ll get the right size and type of trailer for your needs, and won’t have to overspend on a big moving trailer just to fit your cargo.

Towing expertise: You’re not on your own when renting from a local trailer dealer. Blue Ridge Trailers draws from decades of towing experience and knowledge to ensure each customer has a smooth ride. We’ll determine the right trailer for your tow vehicle and hauling needs and help you get it hitched up and safely on the road.

What Trailers are Available for Rent at Blue Ridge Trailers?

Whether you’re hauling equipment, furniture, horses, and more, there’s likely a Blue Ridge Trailers rental option for you. We have:

  • Enclosed two-horse horse trailers
  • Enclosed cargo trailers (perfect for moving with furniture)
  • A 6 x 10 single axle utility trailer with a rear gate
  • A dump trailer with a 7,900-pound cargo capacity
  • A landscaper with a rear gate
  • An equipment hauler and a car hauler

See our full local trailer rental inventory here. Rates are dependent on the type of trailer, but are available for 24-hour, weekend, or week-long rental periods.

What Do You Need Before Renting a Trailer?

You should come prepared with your driver’s license, current proof of insurance for the tow vehicle, like an insurance card, and a valid credit card (first $500 of damage that may occur is the renter’s financial responsibility).

As with any trailer rental or purchase, one of the first things you should consider is your tow vehicle. It should have a towing capacity that exceeds the weight you’re planning to haul plus the empty weight of the trailer. You can generally find your vehicle’s towing capacity in the owner’s manual.

The Blue Ridge Trailers team will help you pick the right rental for your vehicle depending on a number of other factors. These include the type of trailer hitch your vehicle has, and whether it has a brake controller or the right setup to work an external brake controller.


Ready to find the right local trailer rental for your needs? Contact Blue Ridge Trailers online or at (434) 985-4151.

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