The Best Horse Trailer Cover… Isn’t a Horse Trailer Cover

best horse trailer cover

Finding the best horse trailer cover means keeping your trailer-and your horse-safe.

Is your horse trailer wearing a mini-skirt?

If you’ve been using a standard horse trailer cover for your trailer, then it’s very possible. In my experience looking for covers that will protect our products here at Blue Ridge Trailers, I’ve discovered that the best horse trailer cover that’s available affordably isn’t actually a horse trailer cover at all.

Around 15 years ago, the standard size of horse trailers jumped from roughly 6-feet-tall to 6.5-feet-tall and up, all the way to 7.5-feet-tall. These days, almost nobody builds a horse trailer that isn’t 7.5-feet-tall.

But somehow, horse trailer covers didn’t get the memo. Based on the distance from the bottom to the top of those covers, they still seem made to fit the old 6-foot specifications.

That means they leave tires and bearings exposed to moisture and heat, two of your trailer’s worst enemies. If your horse trailer is parked in the heat without proper protection, the rubber on the tires can start to degrade, shortening their lifespan and even possibly causing breakdowns. Bearing grease can also collect dirt and dry up.

So if you’re not interested in splurging on a custom-made trailer cover, what’s the secret to affordably protecting your horse trailer from the elements?

Don’t buy a horse trailer cover. Buy an RV cover.

RV covers are not only designed to be taller than standard horse trailer covers, there’s also much more variety in sizes and dimensions. Plus, they’re offered at the same price ranges as horse trailer covers.

To get an RV cover that will fit your horse trailer, take the following measurements on your trailer:

  • Total outside width, including fenders
  • Roof to ground
  • Length from the back of the trailer to the bumper pull tongue/gooseneck nose

With those measurements, you should be able to find an RV cover that matches your trailer. In my experience, all it takes is calling a local RV dealer and providing your trailer measurements—or you can search online as there are lots of RV cover manufacturers out there.

Don’t worry if your RV cover is slightly bigger than your trailer. Unless it’s really billowing out so that air and moisture can collect, the primary concern is keeping all parts covered and protected.

Ultimately, keeping your horse trailer protected is about keeping your horse protected. By properly covering your trailer when it’s parked, you’re helping to ensure a smooth, safe ride when you’re on the road. We hope this little trailer cover secret helps you achieve that.

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