The Truth About “Bargain” Horse Trailer Cameras

horse trailer camerasThinking of grabbing a bargain camera for inside your horse trailer?

You’ll quickly realize it’s not a bargain at all, but a big waste.

When they work, horse trailer cameras are wonderful for your peace of mind as a driver and a horse owner. They come with a monitor you can mount on your dashboard or windshield, so you can keep an eye on your horses while you’re on the road.

The problem is that cheap cameras just can’t stand up to the heavy vibrations inside a horse trailer. The components shake and deteriorate with every drive, and usually stop working within a month to three months.

Over the years, Blue Ridge Trailers has had so many clients show up with a busted camera, a sad look on their face, and the same request: “can you get me a decent camera?”

It’s gotten to the point where we’ll only install one type of horse trailer camera: Voyager trailer camera systems.

After two decades working with a wide range of camera brands and models, this is the only one that we’ve found consistently works for the long haul.

That’s not to say Voyager systems never require adjustments, but they don’t require frequent camera or monitor replacements.

Voyager systems can accommodate both small and large horse trailers. The smaller systems have a wireless monitor connection and the cameras themselves run off the trailer’s running lights.

For a trailer with more than three horses, you’ll want at least two cameras and the system comes with a wired monitor.

No matter what system you get, it’s important to have a professional install it in your trailer due to the level of electrical and technical knowledge involved.

Plus, having a reliable, long-lasting horse trailer camera isn’t just better for your wallet. As soon as you start driving with a real-time view of your horses, you’ll never want to go without it again!


Want to learn more about horse trailer cameras? Call us at (434) 985-4151 or view current inventory and prices online. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you make the right trailer accessory choice for your needs.

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