Who Should Buy Sport Haven Utility Trailers? 4 Key Considerations for Going Aluminum

sport haven utility trailers all-aluminum

View and compare aluminum Sport Haven utility trailers on the Blue Ridge Trailers lot

Can you name the biggest innovation in trailer construction?

It’s not ramp design or tire treads. It’s not accessories or any bells and whistles.

It’s simple: aluminum.

All-aluminum trailers are tough without being heavy. They’re easy to move around, and since aluminum doesn’t rust, they hold their resale value throughout their lifetime.

Of course, the thing about innovations is that they’re often expensive. (Remember trying to get an iPhone when it first came out?)

That’s why we’re big fans of Sport Haven utility trailers here at Blue Ridge Trailers. This family-owned brand offers all-aluminum utility trailers without eye-popping price tags. They’re long-lasting and light on both your vehicle and your wallet.

While we believe these trailers can be great for almost anyone, there are certain types of people who find them especially useful. Consider Sport Haven if any of the following applies to you:

1. You have a lightweight tow vehicle (including cars and ATVs)

Makes sense, right? If you have a lightweight tow vehicle that can’t pull very heavy loads, you’ll want a trailer that adds as few pounds as possible.

Sport Haven utility trailers don’t have nearly the heft of their steel counterparts. Take the 5’ by 8’ model–it’s about 440 pounds. Even an ATV could pull it around.

But in steel, a trailer that size clocks in at 900 pounds.

So if don’t want to rely on a heavy-duty truck for basic hauling, Sport Haven’s all-aluminum trailers give you freedom to use the tow vehicle of your choice.

2. You need to move/re-park your trailer frequently

The easy mobility of Sport Haven trailers is another reason we love them.

The all-aluminum construction makes them super easy to pick up and move at the drop of a hat. You should see the faces on our customers when they feel how light and easy it is to lift up the Sport Haven trailers on our lot!

This mobility is especially helpful if you keep your trailer in a barn or shed that’s far away from your driveway, or if you’re going to be working events that require you to move from booth to booth. Sport Haven utility trailers will be right by your side without weighing you down.

3. You’re planning to resell

It may sound silly, but you’ll need a trailer that looks pretty if you ever want to resell it. Let’s face it: appearance plays big for resale value in the trailer business just like it does in, well, basically every other business there is.

That’s what so great about aluminum. It doesn’t rust, so it looks new its whole life. Not to mention it resists the type of deterioration that rust can cause to not only the trailer frame but also the floor/side supports and tongue.

So if you know you’re going to be reselling your trailer–even if that will be years down the line–a Sport Haven all-aluminum trailer will hold its value until you do.

4. You’re pinching pennies

Like I mentioned above, Sport Haven utility trailers give you a great bang for your buck. We’ve found that these trailers typically cost hundreds of dollars less than comparable trailers from competing brands.

Plus, remember that a lighter trailer means you’ll be using less gas to tow it around, so it will help pay for itself each time you fill up.

But you can pinch your pennies even further. Sport Haven gives you the option to switch out aluminum floors for pressure treated wood floors, which are resistant to rot and pests and cost less than the all-aluminum option. Pressure treated wood floors have almost the same lifespan as aluminum, and are very durable and long-lived.


Want to learn more about all-aluminum Sport Haven utility trailers? Call us at (434) 985-4151 for current inventory and prices. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you make the right trailer choice for your needs.

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