Newer, Taller Trucks Making Older Gooseneck Trailers Obsolete

Beginning approximately 2011-2013 (depending on manufacturer) new trucks have been coming out of the factory with bed/tailgate height taller and taller off the ground. There is no logical explanation or justification for this drastic change in design and specifications.

 Example: Our 2003 Dodge 3500 (1 ton) single wheel measured 52 ½” at the highest point of the bed sides& tailgate.   Our 2015 Chevrolet 2500 (3/4 ton) measures 58 ½” at the highest point of the bed sides and tailgate.  This additional 6” in height, reduces the clearance from the tallest point of the sides & tailgate, to the bottom of the gooseneck frame rail on any older gooseneck trailer.

 Trailer manufacturers began to rectify this problem, by building the gooseneck frame rails further off the ground (approximately 2011-2013 to present )- but not universally. If a trailer is leveled correctly (with the front of the empty trailer 2” higher off the ground than the rear of the trailer), there needs to be a minimum of 6” clearance, when the trailer is hooked to and carrying the tongue weight of the trailer, from the highest point of the bed sides & tailgate to the lowest point of the gooseneck frame rail.

 The only two ways to make an older gooseneck fit under a newer truck are:

  • If the trailer has rubber torsion axles (not steel spring axles) then the axles can be removed and up to a 3” piece of channel steel can be welded between the axle box and the top of the reattached axles (Cost $600-$800 depending on how the torsion axles are attached to the trailer).  This will gain up to 3” of clearance, safely, while maintaining correct balance. The negative is that this additional trailer height, off the ground, will make a step-up higher for loading and unloading or it will make a ramp steeper off the ground.

  • Removing the bed of the truck and replacing it with a flat bed, will negate this clearance issue entirely. The negative is that the utilitarian features of truck bed sides is lost.

 Extending an adjustable gooseneck coupler will not solve this problem. Adjusting the coupler to make it longer will increase the clearance distance between the top of the bed/tail gate and the gooseneck frame, however, it will cause the trailer to no longer be level. When the coupler is extended, the front of the trailer will be significantly higher off the ground, than the rear of the trailer, putting dangerous excess weight on the rear axles and tires. This can cause tires to blow out and/or rear axles to bend (a blow out, especially when a trailer is loaded with livestock is terrifying and exceedingly dangerous).  Often fenders are also destroyed during a tire blow out. Replacing a bent axle can cost between $600-$1200, not counting replacing any tires that may have been damaged by running on a bent axle.

What Is Rumber Trailer Flooring? Expert Answers to the Top FAQs

When we think of huge technological advances, we don’t usually think of trailer flooring.

We think of smartphones, space shuttles, and the Internet, right?

But there have been some significant innovations in the world of horse trailer construction, too—and one of the biggest ones that you should know about is Rumber trailer flooring.

What Is Rumber Trailer Flooring?

Rumber floorboards first appeared in horse trailers in 1992. Made with 100% recycled tires, they were designed as a replacement for cumbersome aluminum and wood floors covered with rubber matting.

The 1 ½” x 7” tongue-and-groove boards are installed running front-to-back in a trailer. They’re supported underneath with floor supports, running side-to-side, approximately 10 to 15 inches apart.

All new Blue Ridge Trailers horse and livestock trailers come with Rumber flooring and a 20-year warranty on the flooring.

So Why Put Rumber Floors in Your Horse Trailer?

rumber trailer flooring It’s Healthier for Horses

The floorboard and support design that we just described actually has a big impact on your horse’s health. In between the floor support, Rumber boards will “flex,” thus reducing physiologic stress on horses’ joints and soft tissue.

Horses experience less muscle fatigue associated with transportation than in a trailer with an aluminum or a wood floor.

The Boards Protect Your Trailer’s Resale Value

The wall-to-wall Rumber flooring is impervious to UV rays, mud, and water—and it even repels fuels including diesel and gasoline.

That means you won’t have to worry about rotting or other damage that will hurt your trailer’s resale value. You’ll have good-as-new floors for years.

It’s also more cost-effective in general, since you won’t need to replace floor mats or the flooring itself.

Rumber Is Easy to Clean

No floor mats to move! Periodically, take the bedding off the floor and hose it down. Read on for more details about this.

How to Bed and Clean Rumber Trailer Flooring

Just bed the area where your horses stand like a stall, so that the sawdust or shavings will soak up any urine and will keep urine from splashing up on the horses’ legs.

When you arrive home, take the manure and any wet shavings out. Add more bedding if necessary.

About every 8 to 10 weeks, tilt the trailer jack so the rear of the trailer is lower than the front, clean all the bedding out and hit the floor with a hose (a power washer is even better). Your Rumber floor will keep its texture forever with this treatment.


“As both an experienced trailer dealer and a lifelong horse lover, I’ve seen the benefits of Rumber trailer flooring up close many times. Take advantage of this innovative product now, and your horses will thank you each and every time you hit the road.”

—Donna Martin, Owner/Manager

Contact Donna and the Blue Ridge Trailers team online or at (434) 985-4151 for more questions about Rumber trailer flooring or horse trailers in general.

Answers to the 6 Biggest Horse World Expo 2019 FAQS

It’s always good to have something to look forward to at this time of year.

It’s cold, the days are short, and three-day weekends are few and far between. You’ve got to keep your spirits up.

Luckily for horse lovers, there’s an exciting event coming at the end of February that’s sure to do the trick: the 17th annual Horse World Expo.

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet equestrians, network with industry professionals, shop, and enjoy expert horsemanship demonstrations. And with a variety of compelling horse trailer discounts on offer, it’s also the perfect time to chat with Blue Ridge Trailers about your travel or hauling needs.

Curious about the 2019 Horse World Expo? We’ve answered all the biggest FAQs about the event below.

We hope to see you there!

What Is the Horse World Expo All About?

The Horse World Expo brings hundreds of horse lovers and professionals together for a weekend of education, entertainment, competition, and fun.

Are you a horse industry professional? A horse owner or rider? A parent of a young equestrian? You’ll love the exciting line-up of speakers and shows at this year’s Horse World Expo.

For example, there are presentations on everything from horse behavior and communication, to equine farm management, to the true story of a pony’s life-saving work with Marines during the Korean War.

There will also be a Theatre Equus musical equine revue at 8:30 p.m. on the Friday and Saturday of the expo.

Where Is the Event?

Farm Show Complex
2300 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA

When Does It Take Place?

Feb. 28 through March 3, 2019

  • Feb 28: Noon to 8 p.m.
  • March 1: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • March 2: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • March 3: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Do I Need Tickets?

Daily general admission is $15 for adults and $6 for kids ages six to 12.

Kids under six enter for free.

Tickets can be purchased with cash at the event door.

I Need Info About Horse Trailers. Will I Find It at the Horse World Expo?

You can count on it! The Horse World Expo is one of our favorite annual events here at Blue Ridge Trailers, and our team will be on-site with educational materials and event discounts for a variety of horse trailers (more on that below).

Look for us at Booth Q, at the opposite corner from the Round Pen Area.

We’ll have a monitor set up for presentations, including our “Trick Out Your Trailer” presentation—it’ll teach you about unique trailer accessories and add-ons you can put in your trailer to increase horse comfort and safety.

Our team will also be available to educate you about choosing the right trailer for your needs, how trailer manufacturers differ, issues with servicing trailers, and more.

What Horse Trailer Deals Will Be Available?

Blue Ridge Trailers is offering discounted trailer prices to any attendee who buys a trailer at the Horse World Expo—whether you leave with it that day, transport it later, or commit to buy within 30 days.

We’ll be offering a range of trailers at different price levels to meet everyone’s needs. These will include:

  • A 12-foot steel stock trailer
  • A two-horse straight load bumper pull with dress
  • A two-horse straight load bumper pull with a dress and side ramp
  • A three-horse slant load gooseneck with dress
  • And the most popular gooseneck model out there: the versatile 2+1 straight load

Every trailer we offer comes with a 20-year warranty on Rumber flooring, a durable, easy-to-clean material that reduces muscle fatigue in horses.


Blue Ridge Trailers is always happy to answer questions and help you make the right decision for you and your horses. Contact us online or at (434) 985-4151. We hope to see you at the Horse World Expo!

The Blue Ridge Trailers 2018 Year in Review

Blue Ridge Trailers Year in Review 2018Blue Ridge Trailers has two decades in the trailer business, but every year still feels different.

2018 was no exception.

Over the past year, Blue Ridge Trailers grew our team, started offering some unique new products, and tackled challenges with creative solutions.

But there’s one thing that stays the same every year: our gratitude for our customers. Without you, none of our growth in 2018 would have been possible.

Thank you for being a part of our community. We hope you enjoy this look back on a busy, productive year, and join us for even more in 2019.

Celebrating Long-term and New Employees

A strong, dedicated team is the heart of any successful small business. We’re proud to have a staff of knowledgeable horse lovers that have been in our community for years.

In 2018, several members of our team celebrated significant anniversaries with Blue Ridge Trailers. These included:

  • Our Office Manager Nicole Ramirez, who celebrated her 9th anniversary at Blue Ridge Trailers, becoming our longest-term employee
  • Our Fabrication Manager Pete Krumholz and our Chief Service Technician Wayland Seale, who both celebrated six years at Blue Ridge Trailers
  • Our Sales Manager Alison Windland, who celebrated five years at Blue Ridge Trailers

We were thrilled to bring Kate Morgan on board in November as our new Sales Associate. She comes from more than 10 years in the trailer sales industry.

Not only did our existing team grow, but our part-time Sales Associate, Robin Wood, also added an extra day to her schedule as our workload grew over the summer.

Our Part Time Sales Associate Suzi Windland had a big year as well. She earned her Masters Degree in Education, took a full-time teaching job at Charlottesville Catholic and topped it all off with a wedding to long-time love Drew Kelliher.

Finally, we’re so proud that our high school intern Joe Myers, who’s been working with us for almost two and a half years, graduated from Madison HS and secured a full-time welding journeymanship thanks to what he learned at Blue Ridge Trailers.

A Record Year for Trailer Service

Our Trailer Service Department had unprecedented growth in 2018, fueled in large part by return customers. Hundreds of our trailer buyers returned for regular maintenance, accessory installations, inspections and many other trailer services.

We’ve always known that high-quality customer service rewards itself. But it’s truly fulfilling to see this direct connection between our hard work and customer loyalty.

A Wide Range of New Trailer Products

New products and innovations make the trailer business exciting for both our team and our customers. We added several new items to our inventory in 2018 to stay at the forefront of the industry and give our customers more choices.

These included:

  • Tandem-axle aluminum utility trailers
  • RC Trailers cargo trailers, bringing us up to three manufacturers for cargo trailers
  • CAM Superline’s Car Hauler series, which have removable fenders that allow for wider vehicles than a standard car hauler
  • River Valley’s carriage trailer for hauling horses and carriages
  • Smaller, non-industrial dump trailers that can be pulled with a tractor, ATV, or golf cart–perfect for use at a barn or for residential landscaping

We’re also excited to offer expertly designed custom cargo trailers thanks to our Sales Manager Alison Windland. Over the past several years, she has developed an expertise in designing highly specialized trailers for our clientele, resulting in a record number of custom cargo sales in 2018.

The Ultimate Lesson from 2018

As Blue Ridge Trailers co-owner Donna Martin put it, the lesson of 2018 was: “be nimble, be creative, and take care of your customers.”

Like any business, our bottom line is directly impacted by the laws and regulations of our industry. In 2018, it was all about steel and aluminum tariffs, which we had to prepare for in terms of trailer purchasing.

Our solution was to pre-order trailers before prices went up. Not only did this help us maintain our inventory, but it also meant we wouldn’t need to pass on higher costs to our customers. We were able to sell our trailers throughout 2018 at pre-tariff prices, making us very competitive.


We hope you’ll join the Blue Ridge Trailers team as we continue our hard work and growth in 2019. You can stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram or via our free monthly email newsletter. And if you ever have a question about trailer purchasing, service, or anything else, please contact us online, at, or at (434) 985-4151.

13 Practical Horse Lover Gifts They’ll Love and Use All Year

horse lover gifts

Check out these unique but useful horse lover gifts that’ll be loved for the long term.

What makes a perfect holiday present?

It’s somehow both surprising and totally necessary.

It shows that you truly understand the person you’re giving it to.

And it makes their face light up as they rip the last shred of wrapping paper off and hold it up for everyone to see.

Want to give that kind of present to your favorite horse lover this year?

We’ve made it easy. Below, you’ll find more than a dozen unique, practical horse lover gifts that they’ll use and love for years to come.

13 Practical Horse Lover Gifts They’ll Use All Year

1. Trailer Boot Box

horse lover gifts

Boot box in a bumper pull horse trailer

A boot box holds equipment that riders need in their horse trailers at all times. It’ll help keep their trailer organized and make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

Blue Ridge Trailers offers a variety of boot boxes for both bumper pull and gooseneck horse trailers.

2. Cold Weather Riding Gear

A high-quality winter riding jacket, durable gloves or thermal breeches will be appreciated by any rider who hits the trails this season.

3. Trailer Camera System

Nothing gives a horse lover comfort and peace-of-mind like being able to keep an eye on their horses during a long drive. Here at Blue Ridge Trailers we specifically recommend Voyager trailer cameras, which we’ve found to be the most durable and reliable.

4. Folding Saddle Rack

This handy device gets mounted on the horse trailer walls. It can fold up for a rider to rest their saddle on and folds down against the wall when it’s not needed.

5. Horse Grooming Kit

horse lover gifts
Here’s a low-cost gift that horse lovers can use every day. Depending on the horse owner’s needs, you can get a travel grooming kit, a kit for the barn, a small zip-up kit with just the essentials, and many other options.

6. Cover to Protect Horse Trailer Exterior

Here’s a gift that truly keeps on giving. A cover protects the horse trailer exterior from the elements, which in turn protects the trailer’s resale value.

Just be aware that most trailer covers are manufactured too short—look for RV covers instead. Read more about how to get a quality cover here.

7. Saddle Cover

While we’re on the topic of protecting a horse lover’s gear, how about a saddle cover? Saddle covers are inexpensive and often have fun designs to let the rider’s personality shine through.

8. Trailer Fans

If you want to make a horse lover happy, help make their horses happy. Trailer fans keep horses cool and comfortable on long drives.

Ideally, trailer fans shouldn’t be dependent on the tow vehicle battery. Consider adding an auxiliary battery to run the fans independent of the tow vehicle.

9. Hitch Back-Up Cameras

Make a rider’s life easier before every drive. Back-up cameras eliminate guesswork when hitching a trailer up to a truck. By looking at the camera monitor, the driver can quickly and simply line the truck up to the trailer ball.

10. Schedule a Professional Trailer Cleaning

The exterior of aluminum trailers will oxidize over time, creating a dull or dingy appearance. A professional cleaning will safely remove the oxidation so the trailer looks shiny and new again.

Blue Ridge Trailers has a professional on call that will make even the oldest trailer look bright again. Call us or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

11. Electric/Hydraulic Trailer Jack

horse lover gifts
This powerful little device lifts up a trailer for easy hitching and unhitching, so riders can save their energy for the trails. Contact us to learn more about this tool and the difference between an electric jack and an electric/hydraulic jack.

12. Water Tank

You can’t get more practical than this! You can even get a tank with a pump that makes hosing off hot horses much more efficient, leaving more drinking water for them.

13. Riding Lessons

If your favorite horse lover is still growing as a rider, this thoughtful gift will help them achieve their goals.


Shopping for a horse lover or just looking for ideas? Blue Ridge Trailers is always happy to offer our expertise on the best horse lover gifts (and anything else horse- or trailer-related).

Call us at (434) 985-4151 or view our accessories inventory, including a complete list of after-market accessories we offer.

Do I Need Trailer Winter Tires When Hauling in Cold Weather?

trailer winter tiresSome people look at a trailer, and that’s all they see.

But when I look at a trailer, I see a significant part of someone’s life.

Maybe it’s a horse trailer for traveling with your four-legged family. Maybe it’s a utility trailer that’s a crucial part of your business. Maybe it was an investment that took months of hard work and strategic saving.

So I understand why you’d want to do everything you can to protect your trailer, especially during dangerous winter road conditions.

As the snow begins to fall, you may be wondering: do I need trailer winter tires to haul safely this season?

Well, don’t reach for your wallet just yet.

With decades of winter hauling experience behind us, the team at Blue Ridge Trailers doesn’t see any reason to shell out for trailer winter tires.

It all has to do with the job your trailer tires are performing compared to your tow vehicle tires.

The “driving” tires are on your tow vehicle. They’re the ones steering your vehicle (and therefore, also your trailer). So the aggressive tread and flexibility of winter or snow tires absolutely makes sense for your truck.

By contrast, the trailer tires are just following behind. They don’t need a deeper tread to do their job.

When it comes to control, brakes are more important than winter or snow tires for your trailer. Having brakes on both the front and rear axles of your trailer will prevent it from fishtailing when stopping.

You can add brakes to the rear axle if they’re not already on your horse trailer, RV, utility trailer, or dump trailer. However, most likely your trailer came out of the factory like this. Particularly with horse trailers, I haven’t seen one without a built-in rear axle brake in the last two decades.

There are also several other tire safety tips that you can use to stay safe on the road this winter:

  • First things first: don’t drive in snowy or icy conditions if it’s not an emergency. It may seem obvious, but an honest assessment of road conditions and your travel needs is one of the smartest safety steps you can take.
  • When parked, protect your tires by keeping them away from moisture as much as possible. That means parking on asphalt, concrete, or gravel. If you must park on grass, put a plywood plank down first.

Got more questions about your trailer, your tires, or safe hauling in general? Call Blue Ridge Trailers at (434) 985-4151 or contact us online.

How to Winterize a Trailer: Follow This 5-Step Checklist

winterize a trailer

Winterize a trailer now to prevent ice damage and other issues you’ll regret next season!

It’s that time of year when we all start to ask ourselves, “how can it already be this time of year?!”

Whether you spend the warmer months camping, attending horse shows, or both, it can feel like every winter arrives sooner than the last. Before you know it, the leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and it’s time to pack up the trailer for the season.

But don’t snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate just yet.

If you want to jump back in your trailer with no hassle next spring, you’ll need to winterize it properly now.

Below, we’ll show you how to winterize a trailer in five practical steps, so you can prevent damage from ice, store your trailer safely, and rest easy all season.

For personalized answers to your seasonal trailer questions, Blue Ridge Trailers is always happy to share our expertise. Contact us online or call us at (434) 985-4151 to speak to our staff.

The Simple 5-Step Checklist to Winterize a Trailer

1. Drain water tanks and pumps

Ice is the enemy when you need to winterize a travel trailer, horse trailer or other type of trailer. As water freezes, it expands and can blow open your tanks, pumps, and the lines that connect them.

So if your trailer is going to be exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees for any sustained period (even just a few hours overnight), make sure to drain all of the water out of your trailer’s tanks.

If you have a pump, you also need to run it for 10 seconds, after the tank is empty, to push out any lingering moisture.

2. Learn how to manually override your brake controller

It’s crucial to get familiar with your tow vehicle’s brake controller, no matter the season! The brake controller sits in your tow vehicle, and powers the trailer brakes whenever you press your foot on the brake pedal. If you haven’t already, read your brake controller manual and learn how to test your brake controller’s functionality.

The manual override is usually a “squeeze bar,” slide, or button on the brake controller box. It allows you to lock up your trailer brakes directly from the controller, without hitting your tow vehicle brakes.

If your trailer is going to be on cold roads at any point this winter–even if you’re just driving it home for the season–the manual override can help if you start skidding or sliding over ice or wet roads. The override will brake your trailer and yank your truck back, stopping the slide.

Note to drivers: avoiding icy roads altogether is also an important safety step! If you don’t absolutely need to take your trailer out in freezing temperatures, why risk it?

3. Get antifreeze service for trailer living quarters

To winterize a RV trailer, winterize a travel trailer, or any other trailer with living quarters, a professional can run antifreeze through the water pipes to protect them from cold temperatures.

This method to winterize a trailer generally involves hooking up a bypass line to avoid the hot water heater, draining moisture from all valves in the trailer, as well as other technical processes. It can be done once at the beginning of winter.

When you’re ready to take out the trailer again in the spring, your trailer professional can “de-winterize” it by flushing out the antifreeze.

However, if you’re planning to use your trailer’s living quarters (including the water systems) during the winter, then don’t winterize. Instead, keep the heat running when temperatures are near 32 degrees or lower to prevent water from freezing in the pipes.

4. Wash off road salt

Road salt is great for de-icing pavement and horrible for your trailer’s value.

Before stowing your trailer, wash the frame and undercarriage with hot water and soap to remove any dirt or road grease. If you have to use the trailer on salted roads, wash the frame and undercarriage thoroughly just as soon as you arrive home, to remove the road salt.

Power washing is most effective, and hot water works better than cold.

5. Cover your trailer and park it off grass

Your trailer is clean, drained, and winterized. Now you just need to store it safely for the season.

First, covering your trailer will protect it from the elements–but as we’ve discussed before, not any old trailer cover will do, especially for horse trailers. Standard horse trailer covers are generally manufactured too short so they leave tires, bearings, and fenders exposed. Instead, buy an RV trailer cover to protect your trailer from its tires to its roof. Find them online and order based on your trailer’s dimensions.

Second, avoid parking your trailer on grass. Grass traps moisture and pests, which can wreak havoc over the course of the winter. Look for a gravel, asphalt, or concrete parking spot. If you can’t find one, put wood planks over grass to park the trailer on.


Got more questions about how to winterize a trailer or other trailer care issues? Contact Blue Ridge Trailers online or at (434) 985-4151.

5 Rules of Horse Trail Riding Etiquette to Live By

horse trail riding etiquetteOn a scenic trail ride, it can be easy to forget about the rest of the world.

It’s just you, your horse, the fresh air, and the stunning views.

Except that it’s not.

A great experience on public trails depends on good behavior from everyone who uses them.

But even if you’re the world’s most considerate person, you might not know all the specific rules of horse trail riding etiquette.

That’s what we’re outlining for you today. Below are five of the most important tips for doing your part to keep shared public land accessible, comfortable, and safe for everyone.

Horse Trail Riding Etiquette: 5 Must-Know Rules

1. Read Local Regulations

First, go straight to the source.

Your local public lands likely have many established rules, regarding everything from your horse’s health documents to ride permits for very large groups.

Try searching “public horseback riding rules [your state]” in Google, and the relevant environmental or recreational agencies will likely pop up. You can also search for the specific public land you plan to ride on, or contact the land manager directly.

2. Obey the “Campsite Rule”

You probably know this one: “leave a campsite better than you found it.” Try to keep the same mindset as much as possible when horseback riding on public lands.

That means:

  • Using a “tree saver” when tying up horses. These stretch between two trees or posts, so horses don’t damage the trees by rubbing, pulling, or nibbling.
  • Closing gates that you had to open to pass through.
  • Disposing of manure in small shared areas such as parking lots, scenic outlooks, or trail entrances/exits.
  • Of course, no littering!

You should also avoid riding on soft or moist ground so that it doesn’t get trampled. Consider this even when planning your next trail ride, especially if there was heavy rain recently–you can contact the park or land manager to confirm that there are durable trails you can access for a ride.

3. Stay on the Designated Trails

You never know whose beautiful meadow you might mow down when you cut across an established trail.

Further, don’t stray onto walking trails and other paths not designated for horseback riding. Not only is this good etiquette, it’s safer for your horse.

4. Consider the Group as a Whole

There are a number of additional considerations for horse trail riding etiquette if you’re traveling in a group. Here’s how you can minimize your impact while ensuring everyone has a good time:

  • Put inexperienced riders in the middle of the group, and defer to the least experienced rider’s gait and pace.
  • When you have enough space, avoid riding single-file to prevent wearing a rut into the trail.
  • Use your “trail voices.” Don’t be rowdy and obnoxious!

5. Share the Trail

Don’t forget that you’re not the only one on the trail!

Leave space for runners and bikers to pass you–and be considerate when passing walkers, too. If you’re in a group, pass in a steady, single-file line. Announce yourself to the people you’re about to pass before you do so.

Plus, it never hurts to give a friendly smile and wave!


Ready to plan your next ride? Blue Ridge Trailers will help you choose the perfect trailer rental or purchase for you and your horses. Contact us online or at (434) 985-4151.

5 Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories for Happy, Healthy Hauling

horse trailer accessoriesWhat makes a great horse trailer even better?

High-quality horse trailer accessories.

Even just a handful of strategically chosen horse trailer accessories can help make the trailer a comfortable and personalized space for both you and your horses.

But we know there’s a lot to choose from.

With decades of experience using and selling horse trailer accessories, the Blue Ridge Trailers team has collected five items that we absolutely can’t live without.

We’ll also point you to some “honorable mention” accessories that can make your life even easier on the road.

5 Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories

1. Auxiliary Battery

horse trailer accessoriesAn auxiliary battery can make the difference between an inconvenience and a seriously dangerous situation.

It’s happened for me. I was once stuck under a tunnel with my horse trailer for 2.5 hours due to an accident ahead of us. As you can imagine, it was incredibly hot and uncomfortable. My auxiliary battery allowed me to run fans and pump water (more on those below) without draining my tow vehicle battery.

This kept my horses cool and hydrated–and kept me from panicking about their safety.

2. Water Tank

horse trailer accessoriesA water tank allows you to carry your home supply of water on long trips. That means you won’t need to accustom horses to drinking an unfamiliar water source. You can also wash off hot horses due to exertion or stress (be sure to carry extra buckets and a sponge).

Blue Ridge Trailers offers a variety of water tanks from 18 to 40 gallons and designed for a range of trailer shapes.

You can add a 12-volt pump to most water tanks, making for more efficient use of the available water (here’s where that auxiliary battery comes in handy!).

3. Trailer Fans

Trailer fans are a simple, affordable solution to promote airflow in your trailer. Horses generally become hot in a trailer in most temperatures—in fact, it’s relatively difficult to make a horse cold in a trailer unless he/she is wet and there’s a cold air trailer accessories

It’s dangerous to a horse’s health not to have adequate ventilation and cool temperatures inside a trailer. Trailer fans, when appropriately placed, can provide the ventilation and cooling often needed.

For the best results, mount fans at the front of the horse area, facing to the rear and open all the windows. The fans will create a vacuum sending air from the front of the trailer, over the horses, to the rear, even when standing still. If you have a long trailer for multiple horses, mount additional fans, also facing to the rear, mid-way in the horse area.

4. Trailer Cameras

horse trailer accessoriesOnce you start driving with a live view of your horses inside the trailer, you’ll never want to go back.

A camera system lets you keep an eye on your horses even while in route. The camera monitor typically mounts on your tow vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. The camera is mounted in the horse area and is powered by the trailer running lights.

Blue Ridge Trailers recommends staying away from shoddy “bargain” camera systems that’ll cost more in the long run. After decades of experience with a wide range of camera brands, today we only install proven, high quality camera systems, that last for the long-term.

5. Jiffy Jack

Unlike a regular trailer jack, a Jiffy Jack allows you to fix a blown tire safely while your horses are still inside the trailer accessories

It’s a sturdy tool with a unique design. You can just drive the good tire over the Jiffy Jack, which keeps the bad tire off the ground. Big secret: loosen the lug nuts on the bad tire before driving up on the jiffy jack.

Blue Ridge Trailers sells Jiffy Jack lifts in steel and plastic.

Honorable Mention

  • Horse trailer door organizer
  • Boot box for tack room storage (plus a step up into the gooseneck area, if you have a gooseneck trailer)
  • Mesh window guards for drop-down windows in the horse area
  • Electric or electric/hydraulic jack
  • A trailer lug nut wrench, since lug nuts on a horse trailer are different from lug nuts on a car


Ready to give your horse trailer an upgrade? Check out Blue Ridge Trailers’ full inventory of horse trailer accessories here.

Your Guide to the 2018 Virginia State 4-H Championship (UPDATE: Postponed)

Virginia State 4-H ChampionshipThe next generation of equestrians will gather in Lexington, VA this fall for one of the most exciting and challenging events of the year: the Virginia State 4-H Championship Horse and Pony Show.

It’s always inspiring to watch these young, dedicated riders put their skills and months of hard work to the test. They’ll be competing in a diversity of events from showmanship to Horse Bowl, while making new friends and strengthening the future of our horse industry.

Blue Ridge Trailers is proud to have been a Virginia State 4-H Championship sponsor for more than a decade.

Our sales representative Julie Williamson and her husband Bob, who have been involved with the event for more than 25 years, were even inducted into the Virginia 4-H State Horse Show Hall of Fame last year!

This year, you’ll find Blue Ridge Trailers owner Donna Martin volunteering in the East Virginia State 4-H ChampionshipArena, helping run the ingate for all hunter classes, as well as helping with Senior Showmanship in Waldron Arena.

It’s always a magical time, seeing some 400+ 4-Hers working so hard and enjoying such a top-shelf show in all respects.

We hope to see you there!

Your Guide to the 2018 Virginia State 4-H Championship

Event Details

Nov. 29 through Dec. 2, 2018 (New date! Event was postponed due to Hurricane Florence.)

VA Horse Center
487 Maury River Road
Lexington, VA

Free to the public.

How Many Attendees Are Expected?

Program associate Leona Ransdell estimates that about 2,000 people will attend the Virginia State 4-H Championship Horse and Pony Show throughout the four days.

These will include more than 400 riders, more than 100 volunteers, 20 educators and hundreds of parents and viewers.

What Events Are Held During the Show?

You can find a little bit of everything at the Virginia State 4-H Championship.

Showmanship events include hunter, western, dressage, and saddleseat/gaited. There will also be mini horse classes, a drill team showcase, and reining events.

Virginia State 4-H ChampionshipBut there are many non-mounted activities, too, such as a photography contest, stall decoration contest, and Horse Bowl.

“Our youth are so great and competitive in every event,” Ransdell said. “It is so fun to watch minis in one ring and turn around and see dressage and in the next ring see the western horses go. This is the 57th year of the show and to me it keeps getting better and better!”

A new addition is the Ambassador Program, where youth from all over Virginia apply to represent their district as the face of the 4-H horse program. They volunteer, conduct outreach and attend events throughout the year–during the Championship Horse and Pony show, they’ll participate in a community service event collecting items for Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue.

You can view the full 2018 Virginia State 4-H Championship schedule here.


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